• Travel
  • 5 days in Rome!

    Colosseum Rome Mixtape Couture

    I can’t believe it’s been over a month since me and my boyfriend came back from Rome! It only seems like two minutes since we were there, seeing the sights, enjoying the culture and making the most of eating some of the most amazing cuisine. To remind myself of the warm weather and the great […]

  • Food
  • Vegan update: two weeks in

    vegan burgers cauliflower koftas peddler

    So we’re nearly halfway through our vegan month and I thought it was time to update you all on our progress. It’s so far so good for us at this point and I’m so pleased with how we’ve done. We’re both taking this very seriously and I think just how strict we have been on […]

  • Personal
  • Blog update: It’s been a while…

    sunset sheffield blog 2017

    So let’s catch up! Although I spend every day writing, I’ve not written anything for this blog in a long, long time. I’m not going to lie, a lot of the time I don’t even think about writing on here because I’m just too busy but then there are other days when I feel sad […]

  • Charity
  • Revisited: Lent us a tenner

    Sheffield Children's Hospital Charity

    Back in March, just after Lent had started, I set myself a challenge for Lent that would stray away from the norm of giving up food I liked. I promised to give £10 every week to one of the six charities I had previously chosen and though I may have been a little late in […]

  • Charity
  • Lent us a tenner

    lent tenner charity

    I’ve been struggling with deciding on what to do this Lent. Having gone to a Catholic school (even though I wouldn’t claim that I follow any faith these days) Lent has been indoctrinated into me as something to follow. Every year I give up a growing number of bad foods such as chocolate, crisps, cake […]