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Live Review: Beyonce at MEN Arena.

Beyonce is a woman who has built up such a successful career in music over the years that when she is onstage she demands attention and attention was what she received from the sold out Manchester Arena crowd tonight. The lucky ones who managed to get tickets for tonight’s outing of The Mrs Carter Show were treated to a full 2 hours of non-stop pop hits, brilliant choreography, at least 10 outfit changes [all pulled off spectacularly by the aforementioned Mrs Carter] and little inspirational movies dotted throughout the set.

From the very first song, ‘Run The World [Girls]’, the energy was high and the audience were straight up on their feet dancing. ‘If I Were A Boy’, ‘Baby Boy’ and ‘Naughty Girl’ were all played in the first half of the set proving just how many big tracks she has had over the years from her first solo album in 2003 until the present day. There was so much happening on the stage all the time and in terms of an all-round show it fulfilled everything you could ever want and more. There was a clear, well thought out theme running through the entire show of being a woman who respects and understands herself, is independent, knows how to have fun and does what she wants to do and not being held back by others, Beyonce may not admit outright that she is a feminist but there are some clear feminist messages coming across in her live show as well as her music.

Taking to the middle stage for a couple of songs including ‘Irreplaceable’, ‘Love on Top’ and a snippet of ‘Survivor’ by Destiny’s Child made those at the back feel more involved in the show and never one to disappoint from creating spectacles, from a woman who’s guitarist plays a firework shooting guitar, she made it from main stage to centre stage by flying across the crowd only holding onto a metal pole. Once back on the big stage we got hints that the show was coming to its end with two of her biggest hits ‘Crazy In Love’ and ‘Single Ladies [Put A Ring On It]’ getting an airing receiving the biggest cheers and sing a long’s of the night by far.

Ending the whole of proceedings with the ballad and the greatest showcase of Beyonce’s vocal abilities to date ‘Halo’, a beautiful and quite perfect moment for Mrs Carter to end her show on. With that arguably the biggest female star in the music business right now was gone from the stage after putting on one hell of a show and leaving the majority, if not all, of the audience completely awestruck in her wake. Yet again she’s proved why and how she has earned her place as a true music icon.

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