Rome Colosseum Mixtape Couture

5 days in Rome!

I can’t believe it’s been over a month since me and my boyfriend came back from Rome! It only seems like two minutes since we were there, seeing the sights, enjoying the culture and making the most of eating some of the most amazing cuisine.

To remind myself of the warm weather and the great time we had, I thought I’d put together a collection of some of my favourite photos of the trip. From visiting the magnificant colosseum to the historic Roman forum, the breathtaking Trevi fountain to the splendour of the Vatican, we saw so much on what was a brilliant and much needed holiday to such a beautiful and historic city.

Rome Street Mixtape Couture  Rome River Vatican Mixtape Couture

Rome Trevi Fountain Mixtape Couture

Rome Forum Mixtape Couture  Rome Vatican Mixtape Couture

Rome Colosseum inside Mixtape Couture

Rome Roman Forum Mixtape Couture

Rome Restaurant Mixtape Couture

Rome Colosseum Arena Mixtape Couture



Image courtesy of Charlotte | Mixtape Couture