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  • 2017: Revisited

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    2017 has been a huge mix of great things happening and bad things bubbling under the surface constantly making sure the good stuff just isn’t as good as it could be. However, the end of the year has brought good news and a lifting of some of the worries which have been held over 2017 […]

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  • Mixtape Couture 2.0

    Mixtape Couture Caitlin Moran Book Lifestyle

    If I’m being totally honest that should probably say around 4.0 but whatever, who’s counting anymore. Anyway, I’m back (sort of) and absolutely determined to get a little bit of regularity back to this blog. I love blogging but the past couple of months, it has felt a little bit like a chore for me. […]

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  • This Week #45 – July

    Nyhavn Copenhagen Mixtape Couture

    July has been a jam-packed month and as a result, I’ve had no time to update on the blog. I knew things would be difficult with starting my job but finding time to blog has been hard. With a holiday, weekend away, anniversary, birthday, wedding and more this month, it really has been non-stop. Although, […]

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  • This Week #44

    porter gin tramshed sheffield

    I’ve been so busy this week that my usual blog planning has pretty much gone out of the window. It’s Saturday afternoon as I write this and I have some downtime for half an hour or so. I’m using the time to compile my thoughts about the past 7 days. Last weekend was quite relaxed […]

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  • This Week #43

    gin hallamshire house sheffield

    This week has been a very busy one with seeing Wild Nothing in Leeds, events, work, holiday planning and more. After a lovely weekend, I have most definitely worked hard this week to achieve everything I’ve wanted to. Over the weekend, me and my boyfriend spent a lot of time relaxing and getting things sorted […]

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  • This Week #42

    Flowers Yorkshire Sculpture Park

    It’s been a mixed bag over the last couple of week’s really with one reflecting the terrible weather throughout the country and when the weather picked up so did my mood. After spending all of the previous week with my boyfriend at his parents and having the freedom to work, relax and walk as much […]

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  • This Week #41

    This week has been a relaxing one for me even though some days I’ve been rushed of my feet busy. After a very busy Monday, I went to stay at my boyfriend’s parents with him as he was house and dogsitting for them for the week. It was a week that didn’t go fully as […]

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  • This Week #40

    After a lovely weekend last weekend where I witnessed one of my friend’s get married, it’s been a somewhat underwhelming week that followed although I guess that is to be expected after such a great weekend. The wedding really was beautiful and lovely. There was great weather for the day and it was a day […]