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  • Lent us a tenner

    lent tenner charity donation mixtape couture

    I’ve been struggling with deciding on what to do this Lent. Having gone to a Catholic school (even though I wouldn’t claim that I follow any faith these days) Lent has been indoctrinated into me as something to follow. Every year I give up a growing number of bad foods such as chocolate, crisps, cake […]

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  • 2016: Revisited

    2017 diary new year lookback mixtape couture

    It’s been a funny old year, a difficult one in many ways for myself and for the world in general, but it has also been a great and exciting one for me as well. There have been moments of joy, happiness and celebration alongside moments of frustration, deep sadness and annoyance. 2016 has been a […]

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  • Mixtape Couture 2.0

    Mixtape Couture Caitlin Moran

    If I’m being totally honest that should probably say around 4.0 but whatever, who’s counting anymore. Anyway, I’m back (sort of) and absolutely determined to get a little bit of regularity back to this blog. I love blogging but the past couple of months, it has felt a little bit like a chore for me. […]

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  • A Quick Note from Me

    tea and book personal

    FAO: my readers, PR’s and anyone that may be contacting me over the next month or two. This week I am going on holiday to Copenhagen so I will not be replying any emails after Wednesday. Due to starting a new job, summer events commitments and my impending holiday, I may be a little slow […]

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  • A Little Update

    As you’re probably aware if you read yesterday This Week post, creating content for this blog has been very difficult for a number of reasons recently. With that in my mind, for the time being, I’m taking a step back from blogging. I hate to do one of these sorts of posts because in the […]